Sanitizing/ disinfectant cold fogging

Sanitizing/ disinfectant cold fogging.

Shiny World cold fogging experts provide safe sanitizing services to keep your home and business area germ-free. Our fogging disinfection service is effective against any form of viral or microbial infection in any space, whether large or small.

In today’s world, where viral infection concerns are on the rise, it is very important to reassure your customers of their safety when they come into your business area. Shiny World disinfectant cold fogging professionals are available to handle the sanitizing of your workplace during downtime or business closures.

Cold Fogging For Thorough Sanitization

With viral and microbial infection disrupting personal and business activities today, people are seeking more effective ways to disinfect their properties.  While the conventional sanitizing processes are essential, more stringent measures are required to effectively curb the menace. Cold fogging is the disinfecting method of choice for most people because it offers a sanitizing solution that reaches even the tiniest parts of any building with atomized air.

It effectively kills viruses, bacteria, and germs on any surface that normally would have been missed when using traditional cleaning methods.

Why Use Cold Fogging Services?

  • Cold fogging is safe and disinfectants used are licensed and proven to be effective in killing viruses like covid-19, sars, and flu, among others. It also rids your building of fungi, mites, and mold that make your property look unpleasant. The disinfectants remain on your surfaces for a long time and continue disinfecting after initial fogging before finally breaking down into harmless by-products.
  • It is a non-toxic, non-caustic, and non-corrosive process that disinfects your entire space effectively. It is also FDA approved for use in any area, including food preparation building. Cold fogging is a safe and highly effective sanitization you can trust.
  • Cold fogging can be used in both residential and commercial spaces for the highest level of disinfection from disease-causing germs.
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