Our Services

Commercial Cleaning

Shiny World offers the best commercial cleaning service in  New Jersey. The tidiness of your business space is an essential aspect of your image and the impression you leave on clients and customers. A clean business space reflects your company’s positivity, but you may not have the time to handle the cleaning yourself. Shiny World office cleaning and a full range of other janitorial services is here to assist you in keeping your business centre neat. With us, you can rest easy knowing your office, restaurant, bank, or classrooms are cleaned by professionally trained and insured New Jersey cleaners. Shiny World cleaners in New Jersey will handle your commercial cleaning with the efficiency, discretion, and promptness you require.

Residential Cleaning

Book the best residential cleaning service in New Jersey. Shiny World affordable house cleaning service will make sure your house is transformed into that spotless space you expect to see. We offer both regular and deep cleaning service that leaves your home looking tidy and well-organized from top to bottom.Our professional cleaners pay great attention to details, and they know common untidy places to focus their cleaning efforts. It could be under your bed, behind those cupboards, or that corner that hasn’t been cleaned in a while. We provide the highest standard of cleaning, and you can trust that we will not disappoint.

Move-in/move out

Shiny World offers the best move-out and move-in cleaning service in New Jersey to significantly ease the stress of transitioning to a new space.You finally made that big decision to move out or get a new home; now what? A thorough cleaning of the space will ensure sanitary safety if you’re moving in and also when you’re moving out, especially if you made a security deposit.Whether you need certain areas cleaned or the entire property, our professional cleaners will take care of it.

Post Construction cleaning

Top-notch Post Construction Cleaning

If your property or office building has undergone some repair or reconstruction work and is cluttered with debris, Shiny World post-construction cleaning services can help you tidy up the building.We work by thoroughly cleaning your rooms, office and disposing off unwanted post-construction materials. Construction contractors and homeowners in New Jersey rely on us to remove all the dirt and debris in their work sites. Our cleaners are equipped with the latest equipment needed to meet the requirements of this cleaning service.

Airbnb/ rental property cleaning

Efficient Rental Property Cleaning Service

If you own a rental property in New Jersey, whether a vacation home, condo, or luxury home, then you’d understand the need for an efficient cleaning service with fast turnaround time in between tenants. To maximise profit, it is crucial to have a rental cleaning partner like Shiny World that will get into cleaning as soon as your guest leaves.

Sanitizing/ disinfectant cold fogging.

Shiny World cold fogging experts provide safe sanitizing services to keep your home and business area germ-free. Our fogging disinfection service is effective against any form of viral or microbial infection in any space, whether large or small.

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